Engine overhaul

The ´72 400 ci big block gave me some troubles last years, so I decided to overhaul it. One or two spark plugs were always dirty, and the engine was not running on 8 cylinders every time.
On april the 24th 2003 the car was transported to Parts & Stuff in Leidschendam in the Netherlands. I’m living 75 kilometers north of Leidschendam. The same morning we deinstalled all the wiring and after lunch we took the engine out. The same afternoon they took the engine apart and soon they will have a look to see what they need to do inside. On april the 25th the car will be transported back to my home without the engine so I can work on the car next month.
Here you can see some pictures I took on april the 24th.

Here some pictures I took when doing some painting. The engine was out, so I could do it more easier.

On friday the 13th in june the car was brought back to put the engine in the car. The car was ready to start late in the afternoon. Next week I can drive it again…..